Buying from TaoBao -

08th Jun, 2018

1. Finding

Basically TaoBao is like Chinese ebay/amazon, tons of good stuff on it but it's all in chinese so near impossible to search using english. Since it's mega popular there's some easy options to find what you want;

A) Via Reddit/Google

Go to google and type in the item you're looking for, append the following

intitle:w2c OR OR

You should get a list of reddit posts with taobao links on where to get the item, once you've found a link that suits, copy it.

B) Via TaoBao Reverse Image Search

Go to this page Hover over the search bar and a small camera should appear, click it and upload a picture of the item you're trying to buy When you find a decent item with good price, copy it.

C) BoostMaster Lin

There are some more 'well known' names. They usually only deal through WeChat (chinese whatsapp) or have their own websites. Lin makes great fake shoes and has his own website(s); +

Some things are on there twice with different item numbers, they're usually different 'batches' ie different quality versions of the shoe, cheaper shoe, cheaper quality. Although none of them are 'bad' fakes so cheap ones are fine by me

2. Buying

Another problem with TaoBao is, they don't ship outside of china. So you need someone to proxy the package for you. These people are known as 'agents'. There are a million out there but I like TaoBaoRing and SuperBuy. They've got good customer service and take paypal.

A) TaoBaoRing

Create an account, login. Once you've done so click 'Quick Order' (red button, top right). Paste the item link and hit 'Get It'. This will grab the item, translate it into English and let you pick colour/size/etc. Best thing to do here is check the price is right, cos it doesn't always pull the right price. The rest should be easy enough, like any online shop.

B) SuperBuy

Create an account, login. Once you've done so click on the search bar at the top and paste the item link and hit the search button. Similar to TaoBaoRing, it'll pull the item and translate it. Verify the price and add to your cart.

Once you've added all the items you want, click the shopping cart icon on the right of the screen.

3. Checkout & Payment

Both agents I use accept paypal, so when you checkout it should ask you about payment methods. If you chose SuperBuy and the PayPal option doesn't appear, try adding the money to your wallet instead (Account>Account Balance>Top Up).

Once you've paid for the item, they will buy it for you from TaoBao. Keep checking back for when the items have arrived with them, this usually takes between 2-7 days.

4. Second Payment and Shipping

Once the items are at the agents warehouse, they'll upload pictures of the items and mark them as ready to ship. You can review the items, make sure they're what you want and then pay for the shipping.

5. Done!

Wait roughly a week for EMS shipping to UK, and you'll have your fancy fakes

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big ol' list of horror stuff I think is worth a read/watch/go/general consumption. I love horror movies, I'm pathetic at horror games - and I also have a crappy memory so I like to keep lists of things I like, So this is my dump for that stuff.

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HENkaku and Adrenaline bring full system level control of the Vita to the users, finally the Vita has been mastered and can be picked up where Sony abandoned it. So with these hybrid exploits giving over a highly DIY CFW experience ☺.

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PS3 backups come in two main forms, Blu-Ray game rips launched via multiman & pkg files from Sony themselves via PSN. Launching the PKG files requires licensing though, even on CFW. Thankfully ReActPSN exists and is really simple to use

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Lots of games still don't support 'non-standard' aspect ratios. But most of the time if you force it to run at your native resolution it looks fine anyway, maybe the developers didn't want to give unfair advantages to players? Or just Laziness....

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I've had a ton of fun with the 3DS, it's probably the best hacked console since the PSP. As of this post I've downgraded 6 systems from the latest firmware, and I always use the same SD card to do so. In this post I've added the files I used.

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After switching web host, I never got around to re-uploading my old 'blog' database. I think by now I've stopped caring about the content so I probably never will. Therefore I just made a quick and dirty flat file blog structure for now.