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KiBook, a self-written booking system alternative


Over the past year (on and off) I've been working on a booking system which can take appointments, send out emails/texts and take deposits automatically. It's been a lot more challenging than I initially thought, but has been fun.


My girlfriend is a makeup artist who has tried a few booking systems here and there, but hasn't found any which provided a fully featured experience while also not costing a small fortune. This is fine for larger salons which can afford to pay out for big name solutions but for small self-employed folk, it'd be much nicer to have a simple catered solution which ticks off all the basics


A ton of PHP, Google color palette and the usual dish of jQuery, fontAwesome, etc. It could have been done better, but I underestimated the project and assumed it'd be a quick hack, which I'd be quickest doing in a familiar language. If I started again I'd do it in React or something 'cooler'.


I'm pretty happy with the results and am due to push it live this month. Hopefully it wasn't all for nothing, although I do see a lot of changes on the horizon as real-world usage hits walls.

It's far from finished, but here are screenshots of the 'final' UI ☺

Admin Dashboard Admin Schedule Overview Appointment Type Editor

Booking Interface Booking Appointment Date/Time Selector Booking client info Booking Deposit Form